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The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma is dedicated to the safe placement of homeless or displaced Boxers throughout Oklahoma. It is our goal to provide loving homes and safe environments for both the dogs and the families who adopt from Boxer Rescue.

Meet the Board of Directors

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FOUNDER: Tracy Hendrickson

Bloodbank Fundraising and Lifesaving- Boxers are universal blood donors. Please email Tracy if your boxer might be interested in giving blood that will be used to save the lives of any breed dog facing a life-threatening need for blood.
Additional contact for the Bloodbank can be made through Cris Amos: crisa@tbro.org


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PRESIDENT: Amy Gretemen

Intake Director, Medical Director, and Foster Director


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VICE PRESIDENT: Marilyn Maxwell

Adoption Director and Kennel Director


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TREASURER: Nicole Hunsaker

Treasurer, Media Director, and Webmaster


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SECRETARY: Nichole Browne

Merchandising Director, Volunteer Director, and Kennel Support


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Kacee Crawford

Adoption Coordinator


Contact all the members of The Boxer Rescue Of Oklahoma Board of Directors

And we bid a fond farewell to a board members whose time restricts them
from actively serving as a board member, but remains a dedicated volunteer:

Anne Reese
Past Secretary, Adoption Coordinator, and Foster Coordinator.

Past Board Members

2015 Volunteer Committees

The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma is a non-profit, privately funded, volunteer ran organization. We have some of the most loyal, passionate, loving, and open-hearted volunteers. Without them, TBRO just wouldn't survive.

EVERY TBRO volunteer is committed, in whatever way they can, to the rescue and welfare of these boxers.

We can't thank our volunteers enough for the hard work and dedication they put forth to the rescue. Our arsenal consists of 60+ volunteers from the Tulsa metro area to the Oklahoma City area as well as surrounding cities. Please send an email to our Volunteer Coordinators if you are interested in helping TBRO! VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS: info@tbro.org

Adoption Committee - adoptions@tbro.org
Director - Kacee Crawford
Coordinator - Roni Graham
Support - Shelia Pershica, Terri Mitchell

Foster Committee - info@tbro.org
Director - Amy Greteman

Medical Committee - medical@tbro.org
Director - Amy Greteman
Support - Misty Codrey

Media Committee - nicoleh@tbro.org
Director - Nicole Hunsaker

Volunteer Committee - info@tbro.org
Director - Nichole Browne

BarkWalk - info@tbro.org
Chairs - Amy Greteman
Support - Nichole Brown
Kacee Crawford

Fall Gala - nicoleh@tbro.org
Chairs - Amy Greteman, Nichole Browne, Kacee Crawford
Support - Roni Graham, Shelia Pershica

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The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma
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Phone: 918-860-BOXR (2697)
Email: info@tbro.org

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