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Found A Stray Dog And Wondering What To Do?

You're In The Right Place

What To Do First

If you find a stray the first thing you should do is try and find the owner. Taking the dog to the shelter is sometimes the best option in order to give the dog the best chance to be reunited. There are also online options that can help you locate the stray's owner. = You can check Facebook lost pet ads, Craigslist lost pet ads, take the dog to a vet to be scanned for a microchip.

If efforts to find the owner have been made with no success, please fill out the form and include a photo (we do not allow the form to send without a photo).

Did You Try Checking?

The Animal Welfare page on the City of Tulsa website or your cities website?

Checking Facebook for a lost dog page in your area?

Craiglists also has a lost and found section for animals, did you try checking that?

Calling the shelter to see if the owner is looking for their pet?

Taking to the Vet to be scanned for a microchip?

Finding The Dog's Owner Is Step 1, TBRO Is The Last Resort

The goal is to get a family member back home. When all else fails. We can help find them a home.

Please consider donating. Our veterinary costs can easily reach over $90,000 per year. All money will go towards the care of the animals. One dog with major health problems can stretch our resources beyond our means.

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