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TBRO Adoption Process

Adopting a boxer through TBRO can take a few days or weeks, depending on the restrictions needed in your home and matching those with the perfect boxer for your family as well as availability in our volunteer's schedules and travel time required.

The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma does not have a place of business, most of our dogs are in foster homes located in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. In order to meet a dog, you must first make application and get pre-approved. To start the process....here's all you do:


Apply to adopt a specific dog(s) or no one in particular. Your application will be reviewed by an Adoption Coordinator. It can take up to 5 days for an Adoption Coordinator to review your application and respond to you. Please be patient, we are all volunteers, who have full-time jobs and family responsiblities. The response will be via email or phone, so please check your email regularly including your junk mail box.

The Adoption Coordinator will discuss your application and may seek clarification to your responses. We will determine which type of boxer best fits your home, taking into consideration your home environment. Do you have dogs? cats? children? height of fence? etc. A home visit is also required to meet with you and make sure it is a safe environment for our boxer.


Once you have been pre-approved, then the foster home family will receive your application for their review, because nobody knows that boxer like the foster parent. If the foster parent determines your home environment is a good match for their dog, and vice versa, they will facilitate a meet and greet.

Once a boxer chooses your home to be his/her forever home, we will enter into an adoption agreement with you.

Done & Done

you must sign a legal and binding contract. And we do not supply the dogs with heartworm prevention. Along with the boxer, you will get your contract, a baggie of food the dog is accustomed to, any medications the dog may be taking, and one month supply of HW preventative. We will accept the adoption fee, at this time, in the form of cash, check or money-order. Should you wish to pay by credit card, you must do so via our website.

We Like To Follow Up About Your New Family Member

At this time your boxer will be marked as *adoption pending* on the website in the list of the "Available Dogs", and your last name will be given to the dog. Expect a phone call within the first few days and a follow-up home visit if needed. Following confirmation that all is stabilizing and as contracted, you will receive by mail the medical history and documents for your new fur-kid, but not before two weeks after adoption. You will need to wait to take your dog to your vet until you receive the medical paperwork from us.

TBRO Families Last FOREVER!

Please send photos and updates over the months/years. We love hearing from these fur-kids. In addition, we'd like to welcome you to the TBRO Family. We hope you are satisifed with your newest addition and the service provided by The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma. If you are, we ask that you spread the word about "rescue", we love referrals! Also, please watch our website for notices about fundraising events and other social events that you are encouraged to attend.  You can sign up to get our newsletter too!  Of course, last but not least, if you decide that your newest boxer needs a playmate, we'd be more than happy to place another boxer into your forever home!  

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