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Without Volunteers,

TBRO Just Wouldn't Survive

So you would like to volunteer?

Thank you for inquiring about volunteering. There is always something to do for these homeless and needy boxers. Types of help needed are: kennel duty, transports, medical, fundraising, and last but certainly not least, fostering.

To be placed on the volunteer email list, please email volunteer@tbro.org. Provide us contact information: name, address, and phone numbers. As need arises we will send out mass emails. If you are available to assist please reply to the email. When there is more than one volunteer offering to help, we respond based on timing and locale.

The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma is a non-profit, privately funded, volunteer ran organization.

We have some of the most loyal, passionate, loving, and open-hearted volunteers. EVERY TBRO volunteer is committed, in whatever way they can, to the rescue and welface of these boxers.

We can't thank our volunteers enough for the hard work and dedication they put forth to the rescue. Our arsenal consists of 40+ volunteers from the Tulsa metro area to the Oklahoma City area as well as surrounding cities.

If you would like to foster, please find the Fostering Information above. As you can imagine, we are in great need of quality foster homes. Remember, choosing to foster does not lighten anyone's workload, it simply means we can save one more boxer's life!

Thank you for contacting TBRO!

Tips for Foster Parents

Dogs naturally run in packs. They always have one and only one pack leader. This leader controls the temperament of the pack including the emotional and behavioral elements. This is how they have a balanced pack who can work together to hunt and care for the pups. With this responsibility, the pack leader must possess qualities such as calm authority, fairness, stability and consistency or he/she will quickly lose control of the pack. With this always in mind, how can you as a foster parent learn to communicate better with new dogs coming in and out of your home? You must learn to communicate as the pack leader. You must be a leader first. The only way you can gain the trust and respect of the new dog is to be the leader first. Here are some tips on how you establish trust and leadership.

Pack leaders DO NOT TOLERATE any atypical behaviors from any part of the pack.

All dogs want a strong and calm leader who they can trust.

If the dog does not perceive that there is a leader available, he/she WILL become the leader. (Not a good thing for humans)

All dogs will readily give up control to follow a leader who leads with calm assurance and fairly treats each member or the pack.

The dogs you are taking have issues. Either they have been abused, abandoned, neglected or simply taken from their "comfort zone".

They have emotional issues; sometimes aggressive, fear, mistrust, etc.


At the very moment you first come into contact with new dog, YOU MUST ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS A CALM AND PURPOSEFUL LEADER.

Do not run up to the dog all 'mushy-gushy' and telling him/her not to worry, that no one will ever hurt them again. You end up treating the dog like a human, not a dog. This does nothing for your leadership qualities in the eyes of the dog.

WORK THE FIRST FEW HOURS TO ESTABLISH TRUST. Do this by using firm discipline to establish rules and boundaries and limitations for the dog. This does not mean you have to be MEAN. You simply have to let the dog know who is in control and what rules he/she will have to follow.

If you are calm, have a purpose, and have established trust with the dog; only then can you begin to provide affection.


Always BE CALM.

Have a purpose and assert yourself as leader.

Do not tolerate neurotic or other behavior that will lead your pack down a dangerous road if left unchecked.

Do not reward either by petting, eye contact, soft language (mushy-gushy) or other expressions, any behavior that is not normal.

Provide affection only after the dog has become CALM SUBMISSIVE to you.

We Love Our Sponsors ALMOST As Much As We Love Boxers!!!

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