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Help a Boxer learn what life is like after rescue

So you think you might want to foster a Boxer in need?

Fostering is the most rewarding experience I can imagine. While all of our volunteers are extremely valuable members of our group, we could not rescure any Boxers without our foster moms and dads.

You will see the Boxers at the lowest moments in their lives, and you will watch them as they regain their health and that Boxer spirit that we all know and love. Boxers are highly resilient dogs, and will ingrain themselves as a part of your home and heart in no time. Saying goodbye is oftern bittersweet. On the one hand, you want your fosters to go to their forever home, but a part of you wants them to stay always. Be assured that your fosters never truly leave. They leave their pawprints on your heart forever.

Foster homes are often asked to do transport for their foster dogs to adoption events or veterinarians when needed, but we will also ask other volunteers for help should you need it. We are a team, and we work as such.

So, if you think you're ready to commit to help TBRO save some Boxers, we ask that you read the additional foster information provided here so you can determine for certain, if fostering is right for you and your family. If it is, then please fill out the foster application to the right, and instead of listing which dog you desire, just indicate that you wish to be considered as a Foster Home. Our Foster Home Coordinator will then be in touch with you within a few days, usually by email in the beginning so please check your spam file just in case our response is deemed to be "spam".

The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma is always in need of quality foster homes, willing to open their doors & hearts to the many Boxers needing rescue in the State of Oklahoma. We can only help as many Boxers as we have space for & its only wih your help that we can continue to rescue & rehabilitate Boxers in need.

We Love Our Sponsors ALMOST As Much As We Love Boxers!!!

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